Health Behavior Clinic Specialist

Health Behavior Clinic Specialist

You make thousands of decisions each day, many of which affect your health in one way or another. At Silvergate Medical Center and Medical Spa Dr. Edit Hegyi, can help you learn to make your health a factor in your decision-making and change your behaviors to improve your wellbeing. To learn more about health behavior clinics and how they can help you stay healthy, call Silvergate Medical Center and Medical Spa, or book an appointment online today.

Health Behavior Clinic Q & A

What is a health behavior clinic?

Whether you realize it or not, your behaviors and habits dictate a lot about your health and wellbeing. With the right behaviors, you can significantly reduce your chances of developing illnesses.

At Silvergate Medical Center and Medical Spa, Dr. Hegyi offers health behavior clinics to help you learn to prioritize your health in everything that you do. By learning to prioritize your health and adjust your behaviors accordingly, you can extend your lifespan and live a more comfortable and satisfying life.

A health behavioral clinic can also help you manage chronic conditions you already have. Healthy behaviors can improve your symptoms and help you avoid costly and time-consuming treatments and services.

When should I consider attending a health behavior clinic?

Anyone can benefit from a health behavior clinic. You may have a unique set of health conditions and concerns that youd like to address, or you might simply want to find ways to improve your lifestyle to improve your energy, metabolism, or sleep.

Please, remember: sometimes all it takes to fix your health is to change the way you think about it and to behave accordingly. However, most of the time it is not easy to do it on your own.

Dr. Hegyi can help you identify your goals and find ways to improve your behavior to help reach them. Using the results of these and other tests, she can better tailor your health plan to your needs.

What steps can I take to prioritize my health?

Dr. Hegyi helps you find ways to prioritize your health from day-to-day. She can coach you on how to:

  • Improve the nutrition in your diet
  • Add reasonable, regular exercise to your routine
  • Take nutritional supplements to get the nutrients you dont get in your diet
  • Get better sleep
  • Relieve stress
  • Assess your risks
  • Avoid unhealthy behaviors
  • Improve your cognition
  • Restore hormonal balance
  • Get regular physical exams

You can also visit with Dr. Hegyi regularly for additional support and to monitor the measurable aspects of your health. She encourages you to ask questions about your health and to be transparent about your behaviors for the best possible feedback and suggestions.

To find out more about health behavior clinics and health prioritization, call Silvergate Medical Center and Medical Spa, or book an appointment online today.


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