Support Healthy Aging Specialist

Support Healthy Aging Specialist

Aging can come with difficulties you didnt anticipate when you were young, including joint pain, immobility, skin changes, and slow metabolism. At Silvergate Medical Center and Medical Spa in San Diego, California, Edit Hegyi, MD, PhD, helps you support healthy aging with nutrition, supplements, regenerative medicine, aesthetic treatments, and more. To explore your options and start an individualized plan of action, call Silvergate Medical Center and Medical Spa, or book an appointment online today.

Support Healthy Aging Q & A

What happens with age?

Healthy aging is a gradual process, during which the balance between growth and break down slowly shifts towards the latter. However, the speed of this process may be influenced by anti-aging medicine.

Anti-aging medicine focuses on methods of slowing down this shift, and also on increasing restoration, regeneration of lost function used tissue.

While aging does not have to equate to disease, there are health conditions that statistically become more prevalent with age, such as:

  • A slower metabolism
  • Loose skin and wrinkles
  • Degenerative joint diseases
  • Decline in memory and cognition
  • Hardening of blood vessels, Increased blood pressure
  • Sensory declines (vision loss, etc.)

At Silvergate Medical Center and Medical Spa, Dr. Hegyi helps you find out which changes are related to normal wear-and-tear and which are cause for further investigation into your health.

Dr. Hegyi helps you transition to an older age more comfortably and confidently while staying mindful of your health and wellness.

How can I support healthy aging?

There are ways to support healthy aging. At Silvergate Medical Center and Medical Spa, Dr. Hegyi will create a personalized treatment plan, targeted supplementation plan to support healthy aging. It might include:

  • Regenerative medicine
  • Non Invasive aesthetic treatments increasing natural collagen production
  • Nutritional guidance and supplementation
  • Weight management
  • Cognitive support
  • Stress management
  • Bioidentical hormone replacement
  • Physical exams, screenings, and testing

According to your current lifestyle, Dr. Hegyi will help to identify sources of oxidative tissue damage, and inflammation, the two main causes of rapid aging.


When should I consider seeking healthy aging support?

While it is never too late, it is suggested that it is best to start around the age of 40. Although you might wait for the appearance of notable signs of aging, better results can be expected. the sooner you start.

Even if youre currently healthy, you can benefit from healthy aging support practices and preventive care. Making those choices earlier in adulthood will help you to stay healthy as you age.

To address your bodys changes related to aging and promote health later in life, call Silvergate Medical Center and Medical Spa, or book an appointment online for healthy aging support today.

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