Cognitive Support Specialist

Cognitive Support Specialist

Your cognitive fitness is a major part of your wellbeing. Having a sharp mind allows you to learn and retain new information and recover information and memories from the past. At Silvergate Medical Center and Medical Spa in San Diego, California, Edit Hegyi, MD, PhD, helps you keep the speed and power of your thoughts over the years with individualized cognitive support strategies.

Cognitive Support Q & A

What is cognitive support?

Cognitive support refers to treatments and services that help you stay mentally sharp. You rely on your cognitive functioning to think, learn, process, and remember information and memories.

With the right cognitive support, you can keep a competitive edge in the workplace and retain your good judgment. Cognitive support helps you improve the speed, power, and accuracy of your thoughts as you age.

At Silvergate Medical Center and Medical Spa, Dr. Hegyi can evaluate your memory and cognition with various tests. Even if you feel like your comprehension isn’t yet on the decline, she can provide support to help preserve your brainpower and prevent future cognitive decline.

When should I consider cognitive support?

First, an interesting fact: our cognition starts to decline around the age of 20. Of course, at that time it is only detectable by special tests, but it is already happening.

As you age further, you might notice a few changes in the way you mentally function. These changes may become more apparent in the workplace. A few signs of cognitive decline:

  • Confusion
  • Short-term memory deficit
  • Forgetfulness
  • Losing train of thoughts
  • Poor judgment and decision-making
  • Depression, or anxiety
  • Difficulty with multi-tasking
  • Brain fog
  • Irritability


You might notice that it takes longer for you to come up with an answer to a simple question or to remember someone by name.

Consider seeking cognitive services at Silvergate Medical Center and Medical Spa if:

You noticed changes in cognitive functioning

There is a positive family history of dementia.

You are interested in risk assessment

While some cognitive decline happens to nearly everyone with age, it is important to differentiate a mild age-related decline from first potential signs of a more severe progressive dementia, such as Alzheimer disease. In case there is family history of such, genetic testing may be also recommended.

What does cognitive support entail?

Dr. Hegyi offers assessment, treatments, supplementations, exercises for cognitive support. She works with you to develop your individual support plan.

Nutritional guidance and supplementation

Age-related cognitive decline is a multifactorial process. Appropriate eating habits, targeted supplementation, hormone balancing are well proven preventative measures of dementia. 

Physical activity

Research shows that certain physical activities may improve your energy and mood, along with cognitive functioning through improving neuronal connections in the brain.

Cognitive training

Specific cognitive training to exercise your mind may improve several aspects of mental functioning, including memory.

Behavioral changes

Certain lifestyle factors and behaviors as well as the inability to manage stress can accelerate cognitive decline.

If you’d like to keep your competitive edge, continue to learn and remember new information, book a consultation by phone, or online for cognitive consultation at Silvergate Medical Center and Medical Spa today.

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