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Silvergate Medical Membership (SMM) was created in an effort to provide superior quality, comprehensive medical care to our patients, at an affordable rate.


Within the US healthcare system, insurance providers tend not to cover full scale prevention, age management, functional medicine, hormone replacement, and many other possible modalities, as they are also reluctant to embrace the newest treatment approaches. Constant roadblocks of prior authorizations and denials of coverage for services are frustrating for patient and physician and debilitate the overall quality of care.

In frustration many patients seek pricey, additional services of different sorts, sometimes with questionable backgrounds.

Silvergate Medical Membership was created with the intention to provide superior, personalized care at an affordable cost.

Comprehensive care is the foundation of good medicine.

Silvergate Medical Membership not only provides unlimited access to quality primary care, but integrated within, all ancillary services at Silvergate Medical are available to our members at an all-inclusive quarterly fee.

Ancillary services

Our most sought-after ancillary services


Functional and anti-aging medicine

Functional approach places emphasis on eliminating root-cause of disease, instead of mere symptomatic treatment.

We start aging sooner than it becomes apparent. While aging does not have to be a painful disappointment, establishing new, age- appropriate, healthy balance does not always happen automatically. It often requires comprehensive professional help. The art of healthy aging has a lot to do with preventing age associated ailments as well as providing restorative care through regenerative medicine.

Silvergate Medical Membership integrates the functional approach into primary care.


Cognitive fitness program and Memory Clinic

“Keep the sharpness of your mind and the power of your thoughts”. 

Cognitive Clinic

is far the most favorite of highly functioning baby boomers, who protect their cognitive faculties.

The brain, similarly to other organs, may be affected by age-associated decline, especially in predisposed individuals.

Our program helps to identify predisposed individuals, prevent and restore age associated neurotransmitter shortages and imbalances. 

Neurotransmitter imbalances are also responsible for some forms of attention deficit syndromes.

Memory Clinic

Short term memory loss may be a result of a variety of causes. Many of those are reversible.


Natural solutions to depression and anxiety; neurotransmitter balancing

Amongst the most commonly prescribed medications today in the US we find serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SRI). Depression is a common problem at this day and age, but SRIs have certain risks, such as drug resistance, leading to the need of higher and higher doses as well as a reputation of being difficult to quit.

We support our patients with natural substances and individualized programs to deal with depression and anxiety.


Hormone balancing and bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT)

Bioidentical hormone replacement has been the “gold standard” of hormone replacement for nearly a decade. Hormones have several hundreds of functions in the human organism, including their cardioprotective and memory protective effects. Yet, insurance companies will not cover BHRT consultations, testing and treatments, because most of the time those are deemed to be “preventative” measures.

  • Is there a person who would respond with “no” to the following questions?
  • Do you want to maintain your muscle mass?
  • Do you want to have good self-confidence?
  • Do you want to avoid old age associated dementia?

But when it comes to BHRT, the only question anyone should have:

Where do I find safe, personalized and controlled BHRT?

Silvergate Medical Membership includes access to BHRT.


Nutritional counseling, food intolerance testing

The foundation of our physical existence is our gastrointestinal tract. It is also a line of defense.

It turns out however, there are considerable individual differences. Those individual differences are explored and considered in building a successful nutritional program or designing a safe and effective weight loss program.

Nutritional and weight loss consultations are available to Silvergate Members.

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